Distinguishing Replica Rolex Watches By their Uniqueness

Here we are going to talk about the replica Rolex watches with special appearance or features that can tell them from others and you may never forget some of them due to the stunning marks.

Benz-shape Rolex (Rolex Submariner 116610LN)
From the beginning of 1953 when Rolex rolled out the first diver watch, Benz-shaped hands were applied in this series. This is the variant of snake-shaped hand and now it really matches the round time scale and it has been classic and its own style. This has been applied to other Rolex series.

Lightening-shape-Rolex Milguass (116400GV)
The king of anti-magnetic watch was Rolex Milguass before the Omega gave birth to the Omega Seamaster. What can be seen on Rolex Milguass is the lightening-shape hand which is a extraordinary element. In 2009, a new generation of Milguass were released. After 5 years, the green mirror and blue bezel was produced ad completely got rid of traditional black and white dial, which looks more fashion.

Rolex Cellini
Cellini series are the representatives of Rolex’s perfectness, elegance and excellent products. Paying tribute to the Benvenuto Cellini, Rolex Cellini presented itself in a different way from other Rolex series, therefore, it is a niche product and stops productions years before. this year, Rolex has a new design and orientation for Cellini. It combines come basic and original elements while sharing some features with Oyster series. The new Cellini case was not the traditional Oyster case, although the screw-in case back still is applied here and screwing in a way that is quite similar to the Oyster, but this is a totally different thing. What carries with the bracelet is the pin buckle, which is rare in Rolex because most would use fold-up clasps, even the bracelet is made if leather. As to the pin buckle, it would be a little hard to fasten it but offers a better comfortable feel.

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