Rolex pioneering spirit in the watch industry

Rolex launched the first oyster watch in the year of 1926. Speaking of Rolex, what will have to mention is its unique oyster watchcase watch, oyster type case set an important milestone in the history of watchmaking in the contemporary society, and it was invented by Rolex in 1926, mainly applied the screw-plug outer ring system, case bottom and middle case crown all adopt the rotary type, greatly increased the waterproof ability of the wristwatch. Oyster wrist watch minimum standard of waterproof is 100 meters, and the watch case bottom cover is applying the screw-plug bottom cover design, the unique triangular grooved lines of the bottom cover came from the Rolex oyster wrist watch in 1926, and only authorized rolex watchmaker can assembly the watch movement in a specific tool.

Rolex launched its first oyster perpetual watch in the year of 1931, the biggest characteristic of this watch is that it is equipped with half-moon automatic Vedas, can naturally swing around the central arbor wheel in the bidirectional way with the wearer’s wrist activity, providing the steady source of power for wrist watch. This is also the first watch movement in the watch industry that can wind in the bidirectional way, and the significance is self-evident.

Rolex Datejust series watch is a very big series in the Rolex watch family. It keeps numerous attention since the first Datejust watch was launched in the year of 1945, and it is one of the classic Rolex series, and the Rolex Datejust watch also was the first watch at that time which can display the date on the watch dial.

In the year of 1953, Rolex launched the first Explorer watch, which is specially designed for the professional explorers, and it not only has the precise timing accuracy, but also can run normally under the extremely atrocious environment.

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