January 16, 2021

Adult Party Costumes for Kids and Adults

Wondering what fun adult party ideas there could be for your next adult party? Throwing a party for adult party goers can be as much fun as throwing any party of the young variety. The type of party also depends on whether you want your party to be catered or buffet style. Catering tends to be more expensive but it usually guarantees you a larger and more diverse group of guests. Buffet style parties tend to be more casual and allow a broader range of people to show up.

Adult Party Costumes for Kids and Adults
One of the best known of these is probably Sixties party, commonly referred to as the Christmas Party. These are a great opportunity to pull out all of the stops and incorporate adult themes into your celebration. What better way to celebrate the season than to dress up in fancy costumes complete with wigs, sashes, bows and party hats? This mix and match of fun and dressiness will appeal to adults while still providing their children with a chance to enjoy the holiday spirit as well.

Another fun idea is dressing up in a costume of some sort sporting a flying squirrel pajama, a Santa hat or perhaps a Cookie Monster costume. Why not do both? You can have the flying squirrel pajama and the Santa hat designed in a particular character, like Shrek black cat kigurumi and then have the rest of the costume designed around that. You could have the entire party dressed in Shrek red, with red hats and garlands. Kids would love that.

Do you have a fondness for Japanese animation? If you do, then why not dress up in a costume of one of your favorite Japanese cartoon characters? Koiji Kid from the Keroro Pendant series would be a great choice, along with Okami from the Samurai Five movies. Adults might even choose to go as Ghost Squid, the cute, ghostly underwater squid that Spongebob Squarepants made famous. There are many more, including the ever-popular samurai, which is great for adults but wouldn’t it be more memorable if adults dressed in an actual Samurai suit?

Do you have kids that are into sports? If so, one of the best adult party themes available is going to be one that involves sports. For example, if you have kids that like to play volleyball, you could dress them up in a volleyball costume complete with spiked shoes, a shirt that says volleyball on the front and a skirt. However, if you don’t have kids, but you have adult party guests that are into sports, you can always dress them up as their favorite sport’s star, which would be a perfect combination. For example, if you have adults that like to play soccer, you could have adult party guests wear jerseys or shorts featuring the colors and logo of their favorite sport.

One of the most popular adult party costumes that kids love is the one that involves pirates. This can easily be adapted to adults by simply having blindfolds placed over their eyes and having bandannas placed over their heads. If you want to spice things up a bit, you can have a blindfold thrown over a mask, which will allow everyone to see each other except the ones wearing masks qualityonesie.com With the right accessories, you can easily have a pirate theme that kids love and adults will enjoy. These adult party ideas are just a few of the many you can use to create a great party atmosphere that adult and kids both will thoroughly enjoy.