July 28, 2020

You deserve the adorable flying squirrel Kigurumi pajamas.

 The flying squirrel, also known as the flying squirrel or flying tiger, is the Pteromyini of a family of squirrels.The flying squirrel is well known and loved for its petite body and flying membrane. In some of the videos, the flying squirrel flies from the door frame into the palm of its owner’s hand, looking adorable and drawing a crowd of fans.The flying membrane can help the flying squirrel to glide quickly in the middle of the tree. However, the flying squirrel has no lifting organ like birds, so it can only glide between the tree and the land. Mainly distributed in tropical and temperate rain forests in Asia, Europe and America, up to 43 different species of flying squirrel have been found. Being easy to domesticate, it is often used as a human pet.

    As the biggest characteristic of flying squirrel, we also keep the flying film design of flying squirrel pajamas. You will get not only a onesie pajamas, but also the admiration of others!The combination of brown and white retains the characteristics of the mouse, and is also a great contrast to the skin tone and whiteness.It would also be a great gift for a child’s birthday.

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